CU01-1000 Cell Lock

This is a full function Super-Max electro-mechanical lock that has been manufactured to fit into and add strength to steel doors with industry strongest lock mounting system.

This lock has standard remote monitoring of door position switch, lock bolt extended and locked, as well as key position switch. The lock displays lock status on the locks fascia of green and red lights for secured and not secured. With at door key override.

Stainless Steel construction. NATA tested for physical attack and suitable for fire rated applications.

  • The 01-1000 Series is the hardest wearing, most secure and most robust lock in the Hollis Scott range
  • Mechanical key overrides the electrics when unlocked
  • Mechanical key does not override the electrics when locked
  • This allows for the key lock to be unlocked in the event of fire and the electrics can’t override
  • Fully machined, hardened steel lock bolt
  • Hardened steel roller inserts fitted to lock bolt
  • Semi-latching dead bolt offers Super Max security with the convenience of automatic latching compatible with door closers
  • Handle rose is recessed into fascia to offer maximum strength against impact
  • Electric and mechanical locking
  • Compatible with access control systems
  • Fascia plate will clamp to the door with four off M8 through bolts, significantly increasing the mounting strength of the lock
  • 3mm 304 stainless steel fascia with Hollis Scott "Soft Line" finish
  • Expected life of over 1,000,000 cycles (tested to 3,000,000 cycles) for the lock and furniture and 200,000 cycles for the locking unit (tested to 500,000 cycles)
  • This lock requires no scheduled maintenance
  • Stainless steel lock case
  • Fully machined stainless steel billet handle and handle rose
  • 11mm stainless steel forend and face plate support for lock bolt

Model Application

  • 24V DC Electromechanical
  • Short Electrical Pulse to Unlock
  • Release Power to Relock
  • Swinging Door
  • Door Mounted
  • Steel or Timber Door
  • Mechanical Key Unlocking
  • Compatable With HD Commercial Door Closers
  • Standard Monitoring:
    • Lock bolt extended & locked
    • Key position sense
    • Solenoid locked/unlocked
    • Door closed

Lock Operation

From Locked & Closed

  • The lock can be unlocked either remotely electrically or at site mechanically.
  • When unlocked the handle is used to withdraw the lock bolt against spring tension. The door can then be opened.
  • When the door is opened by key the handle can be released and either the key removed in the locked position or in the unlocked position.
  • If removed in the locked position the lock will be staged to automatically lock when the door latches closed.
  • If the key is removed in the unlocked position the door will latch closed but not lock and will remain unlocked until the key is used to lock the door.
  • When the door is unlocked electrically the handle is used to withdraw the lock bolt. The door can then be opened.
  • When the door is closed the lock bolt will extend fully into the strike and automatically lock unless the key lock is locked.