30 years of specialisation

Custom Design Locks

We are continually designing a wide variety of new locks for diverse applications.

  • All levels of custodial, peripherals such as handcuffs, automated doors and gates.
  • Safe locks, combination and key, electronic and mechanical Vending Machine locks
  • High-end commercial and residential locks
  • Secure and decorative doors
  • Police Vehicles
  • Access control electronics

Our custom lock service is suited to those who have a need for a small to large production run of locks with specialised designs that are not available off the shelf. This can be an artistic or functional, and limited only by your imagination. The service we provide is complete from concept to production.

  • CAD (Computer Aided Designs)
  • FEA Finite Element Analysis testing the design in critical parts and assemblies (this is the computer testing of the design for strength and distortion over maximum expected stress)
  • Production prototypes
    • 1 off production runs or repeat production runs
  • Physical testing of production prototypes for

    • Lifecycle testing
    • Destructive tests
    • Surreptitious entry testing
    • Other tests as required