Custodial Lock Specialists

Australia based Hollis Scott has earned an international reputation for its quality of locks and innovative designs for global custodial clients, police, immigration and defence.

Specialising in custodial locks but also for defence, handcuffs, safe locks – electro-mechanical combination locks, vending machines, domestic, commercial, automatic door systems sliding and swinging, lock control systems.

At Hollis Scott we design, computer test, physical test, prototype and manufacture low volume and mass production security solutions.

From mechanical locks right through to state-of-the-art intelligent access control, Hollis Scott offers cell locks, pass locks, detainer mortice locks, magnetic locks and bespoke custom lock design and manufacture.

Hollis Scott is the only lock manufacturer worldwide to offer a complete customised lock design with short-run engineering capability.

Hollis Scott offers the greatest choice of modularised features so that your lock will suit your specific requirements. More importantly, locks from Hollis Scott last longer and are designed tough to exceed industry standards.

HOLLIS SCOTT custodial locks

Hollis Scott sets the global benchmark for Custodial Locking Systems

Smarter Stronger Locks Specially Created For Your Situation

Robust – Unbreakable Locks

Heavier construction & ingenious design for continuous torturous abuse

Greater Security

Non-Contact Lock Status Indicator allows more secure office monitoring

More Efficient Operation

Less offices in cell block mean staffing and build savings

Lower Total Cost

No servicing and lowest failure rate mean ‘Lowest Total Cost of Ownership’.

Future Proof Locks

Each lock can be upgraded by our service agents- extending lock life beyond that of most prisons.

30 Years of Specialisation

Hollis Scott is respected world wide for bespoke solutions to high security locking requirements for transport, custodial, vending and all types of gate locks.